About Us

i.Fest is one of the most anticipated and acknowledged technical fest all over Gujarat. It is lauded for its versatile and wide ranging technical,social, non-technical events. i.Fest provides an outstanding platform for students to showcase, inculcate the valuable skill of innovation and simultaneously compete with their technical and non-technical skills and win huge amount of cash prizes. Last year, we witnessed over 2000 participants in this 3-day techno-social events.

Evanescent Qualm

As the theme is quite perplexing and not comprehensible on first look, but don’t judge too fast, here is a latent meaning to it. Evanescent means fading or disappearing and qualm means uncertainty. Together it means disappearing of uncertainty. In such tremendously technologically advancing world, where everything is outdated every moment, we can predict the future. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!! We can fathom where we are heading to. What we think is impossible right now, this thought, will disappear and anything you are uncertain about will come true in seconds or may be picoseconds. Our fest is all about discarding or fading of thoughts about implausibility and make qualms certain.