Summer School 2019

Android Development
With Specialization In

17th - 23rd June, 2019


17-23 June 2019


DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

Successfully Completed


IEEE Student Branch DAIICT aims to provide an interactive platform for students to develop professional and technical abilities. We, at DA-IICT observe a 3 month break during summer from May to July. IEEE SB DAIICT hosts Summer School every year to provide students an opportunity to develop their technical skills and make their summer break productive. It is a 7-day program wherein the students get a hands-on experience in one of the emerging technical domains followed by a project competition.

The domain for Summer School 2019 is App development with special focus on Blockchain. Blockchain technology was originally developed for bitcoin; however, it is the base of other cryptocurrencies, and can be used for any other kind of data recording. The event will be conducted during 17th June to 23rd June, 2019.



   Intro to OOP concepts
   Intro to Java basic syntax
   Advance functionalities of Java - Threads, Background Activities, Inheritance, etc.
   Intro to Android Studio
   Activity life cycle

   Building basic layouts
   Connecting Java backend with layouts
   Building Advance layouts
   Intro to UI components
   Intro to gradle and importing libraries

   Intents and Activities
   Fragments and Custom classes
   List Views and Adapters
   Database - both offline and online (Firebase)

   JSON parsing and Web View
   HTTP Networking
   Threading and Parallelism
   API calls

   Intro to blockchain, crypto currencies and Dapps
   Blockchain protocols
   Intro to cryptography and hash functions
   Design of consensus of protocols

   Security patterns for networking
   Design of network architecture
   Making Smart Contracts - If going with crypto
   Combining Android app and blockchain

   Continue of combining app and blockchain
   Submission of challenge and result announcement
   Fun Activity in the Evening

Refer This Doc Link For Basic Knowledge of Android Development And Basic Concept Of Java and OOPs.

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