Summer School

Machine learning and Basics of Neural Networks

11th - 12th & 18th -19th June, 2022
Time : 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Lecture Theatre-1, DA-IICT

About The Event

About IEEE

  • IEEE Student Branch DAIICT aims to provide an interactive and informative platform for students to develop professional and technical abilities. Summer School is organised every year bringing in an opportunity for students to explore various domains and evolve their technical skills to turn their summer fruitful.

  • After two long years of the pandemic, we are back again with a 4-day long offline workshop, Summer School 2022. This summer school intends to provide hands-on experience and exposure in one of the trending domains in technology along with an interesting project, thrilling competitions, and of the most exciting prizes to grab.

  • Summer School 2022 is a workshop on Machine Learning and the basics of Neural Networks and will be conducted on 11th-12th and 18th-19th June, 2022.

About Machine Learning & Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning is a field which involves creating models on the basis of extensive amounts of data which are then implemented in real life applications.
  • Artificial neural networks(ANN) model the neurons in a human brain through multiple layers of connected units or nodes to determine any kinds of relationship exhibited in a provided data set. It is a booming field of technology and the basics of the same would be covered during this workshop.
  • Deep learning, a subset of ML, is essentially a neural network with three or more layers. It has the power to process unstructured data such as documents, images and text. Hence, ML and DL play a pivotal role in today's booming technical industry aiding in several applications from autonomous cars to medical devices.

Workshop Details And Benefits

  • Get a chance to interact with industry experts and nurture your skills in the domain of ML.
  • Understand the intuition behind ML models to make accurate predictions and powerful analysis.
  • Insightful offline sessions with hands-on experience.
  • Assignments during the week break and after-session quizzes will be conducted to help you brush up your knowledge.
  • An excellent opportunity to engage and broaden your network with students from various universities.
  • Letter of participation to all the registered candidates.
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

Summer School 2022 is powered by Infocusp, which is a technology consulting company offering solutions, services, products, and platforms. Since 2009, Infocusp has strived toward delivering next-gen products and robust solutions that sustain business growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, and User Interaction Design. They have been delivering innovative and enterprise-class solutions that can easily be integrated with existing processes and systems to achieve unparalleled results. Infocusp is elated to conduct a workshop on machine learning and the basics of neural networks.

Event Speakers

Speaker 1

Hansal Shah

Machine Learning Engineer at InFoCusp Innovations

Hansal has worked on ML/DL applications across different industries and is now working in the domain of Computational Genomics. His areas of interest include object detection, Biomedical Imaging, CNNs and Healthcare AI interesting. Qualifications - BTech, PDPU. ML engineer @ InFoCusp Innovations.

Speaker 2

Shubhangi Rathi

Machine Learning Engineer at InFoCusp Innovations

She has worked in the domains of computer vision and NLP, she is currently working on a project using AI to detect sleep in a healthcare device. During her graduation, she interned at ISRO. She has an NLP publication that uses Twitter data to predict behavior scores. Qualifications - BTech & MTech, ITNU.

Speaker 3

Mohil Patel

Machine Learning Engineer at InFoCusp Innovations

Mohil has experience working in ML/DL domains such as computer vision, segmentation, MLOps, etc, and has worked extensively with the Google Cloud Platform. He also has publications that involve the application of ML/DL in conjunction with blockchain technology. Qualifications - BTech, ITNU. ML engineer @ InFoCusp Innovations.

Speaker 4

Tushar Gadhiya

Research Scientist at InFoCusp Innovations

During his career, Tushar has worked on many different projects in the areas of Computer Vision, NLP, ML/DL applications in remote sensing, chemistry and sensors, etc. He has several publications, including some in the top journals in the field of Remote Sensing. Qualifications - Mtech & Ph.D, DAIICT.

Speaker 5

Hetul Patel

Machine Learning Engineer at InFoCusp Innovations

Hetul has four years of experience in areas such as Computer Vision, NLP, and Time-Series Analytics. During his graduation, he interned at Space Applications Center (ISRO) and presented the paper at the IEEE conference held in Yokohama, Japan. Qualifications - BTech, ITNU. ML engineer @ InFoCusp Innovations.

Speaker 6

Falak Shah

Lead Research Scientist at InFoCusp Innovations

He has worked on many projects like financial time series modeling, real-time object detection, CNNs, music generation using DL. He has several publications and has conducted workshops on various ML/ DL topics at top-tier international conferences. Qualifications - BTech, ITNU. MTech, DAIICT.

Event Schedule

Kickstart to machine learning

Introduction to practical ML: Case studies of InFoCusp

Basics of Python and its libraries (NumPy)

Classification of ML

Linear regression

Gradient descent algorithm

Classification, metrics and visualisation in ML

Naive Bayes classification

Clustering (K-nearest neighbours)

Logistic regression

Metrics and introduction to Sklearn libraries

Visualisation basics (Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn and more)

Advanced Machine learning

Feed forward network and its implementation

Introduction to Keras and TensorFlow

Handle specific topics like Deep learning, Neural networks

Deep learning models

Applications of neural networks

Implementation of object detection, tracking and segmentation

Mini Project


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