Tic-Tech-Toe 2018

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The Women in Engineering Affinity Group of IEEE Student Branch of DA-IICT along with Women in Entrepreneurship of DA-IICT Centre of Entrepreneurship and Incubation (DCEI) have a mission to inspire and empower all the budding engineers, especially the women techmakers. With this vision, we are proud to present to you our annual national hackathon, Tic-Tech-Toe’18.

Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it. It is to fail, fail again and fail better. Try out new things and learn while doing that. It's to work together, collaborate and build things that are innovative.

DATES : 6th to 7th October


Compete and build the best to win tons of great prizes!

Contest Format

In these 30 hours of brainstorming, all the designers, thinkers, programmers and developers will come together to create WEB or MOBILE applications which might pioneer in the near future or are extended versions of the already ruling notions in the app market.


1. It Should be a mobile Application or web Application
2. Teams can be formed of 3 to 5 people.Each team should atleast one female participant.
3. Originality of the idea should be there. No plagiarism allowed. Coding should begin when hackathon starts. No precoded projects allowed.
4. Participants will have to bring their own laptops and chargers.No apks, software installations, etc. would be made available from the event team.
5. Students will have to present their application after the 30-hour hack duration completes, on the basis of which the winners will be decided.
6. Free Registration,Accommodation, light refreshments and internet connectivity will be provided during the event hours.
7. Any instance of unseemly behavior or of activities indicating lack of integrity and honesty on the part of the students will be regarded as a breach of discipline.



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Prize Money worth 50k !!

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