Timeline of IEEE SB DAIICT

Timeline 2022

  • i.Fest '22 11th - 13th Nov, 2022
    Gujarat’s Largest Technical Fest, which encompasses over 20 technical and cultural events. View More
  • Tic Tech Toe Hackathon 8th - 9th Oct, 2022

    Hackathon for the students of DA-IICT and other colleges in Gujarat to showcase their technical skills and innovative ideas.

  • Summer School 2022 11th - 12th & 18th - 19th June, 2022

    A Workshop on Deep Learning and the Basics of Neural Networks conducted by Industry Professionals. View More

  • Basics of Python 8 June

    A hands-on interactive session to introduce attendees with fundamentals of python programming using Google Colab.

  • UX/UI and Basics of Designing 6 June

    A hands-on session which gave a basic idea of the components of UI/UX designing, its basic principles and numerous techniques of designing.

  • Manual Robotics Workshop 5th April, 2022

    A Hands-on Workshop on creating and designing RC cars and testing them on a racing track. View More

  • Technologies of Human Spaceflight Project 20 March

    Session to provide an overview of the GAGANYAAN project of ISRO, conducted by Mr. Anurag Verma.

  • Session on Ethical Hacking, Bug Hunting, and more…. 17 March

    A Session which provided an overview of information security and its scope in the future.

  • Hands-on Session on Git-Github 25 February

    Session designed to introduce participants to various commands of Git-Github.

Timeline 2021

  • Everything on Cryptocurrency 3 December

    A session on Cryptocurrency included deep insights of cryptocurrency, discussion on cryptotrade and cryptomarket and its scope in the future.

  • Workshop on blockchain technology 3 December

    A workshop on blockchain technology, which was conducted by Dr. Sudeep Tanwar.

  • The Open Box with Dar Gai 28 November

    The founder of Jugaad Motion Pictures, Dar Gai, (need to complete)

  • The Open Box with DA Alumni (Anushree Goenka, Akshat Saxena & Mohit Choudhary) 27 November

    Former DA Alums Anushree Goenka, Akshat Saxena & Mohit Choudhary, who have achieved wonders in their professional fields, had a fruitful discussion about their college and their respective industries.

  • The Open Box with Harshveer Jain 27 November

    The founder of the Instagram page @storysellercomics, initiated a conversation about the day-to-day stereotypes via simple drawings and his masterful storytelling skills in the hopes of bettering people.

  • The Open Box with Nischay AG 27 November

    A fascinating and exciting discussion on the necessity of investment in today's world, various investment options and the current investment environment for GenZ, with Nishchay AG, the Co-founder of Jar, the leading startup.

  • The Future of Digital Transformation 27 November

    Talk on Enterprise Apps, Data Revolution, Product Development, and Workforce Productivity etc. in Driving Digital Transformation. Organized by team i.Fest '21 in collaboration with Synoptek.

  • i.Fest '21 26 November - 28 November, 2021

    Gujarat’s Largest Technical Fest, which encompasses over 15 technical and cultural events. View More

  • Tech Talk on High Throughput Satellites October 23

    Session focused on developments, specs, design and current trends of high-throughput satellites. Organized by IEEE MTT-S DAIICT in collaboration with IEEE ComSoc Gujarat Section.

  • Arduino for Beginners! October 22

    An amazing explanatory session on Introduction to Arduino with Tinkercard. Organized by IEEE IAS SBC DAIICT in association with Sapientury Pvt Ltd.

  • Workshop on Game Development October 9-10

    A tremendous 4-hour Workshop on Game Development using Unity Game Engine organized by WIE AG IEEE SB DAIICT in collaboration with GADS LLP.

  • How to Finance Your Study Abroad Dream October 6

    Organized by i.Fest’21 in association with Yocket. Over 5000 students were guided about Education Management and Study Abroad Counseling by the speaker, Mr. Siddharth Cuncoliencar.

  • Cracking Top B-Schools in India and Abroad September 30

    Organized by Team i.Fest ’21 in collaboration with Endeavor Careers. In this talk, Mr. Sazeal Shah discussed how to crack GMAT and CAT exams, which are very challenging.

  • Rich Opportunities In The Semiconductor Industry July 21

    A session primarily concentrated on all of the available opportunities in the field of electronics and what the Electronics Industry has to offer.

  • Machine Learning Applications For Wireless Communications June 19

    A session by Mr. Saidhiraj Amuru on Machine Learning and its significance for wireless communication in today’s world.

  • Session On MLOps June 16

    A session on ML pipelines including its basic introduction and construction and model deployment and its process by Mr. Sumit Saha and Mr. Kunal Yadav.

  • Changes In Various Industries And Job Opportunities Due To COVID-19 May 30

    A panel discussion on the impact of the COCID-19 pandemic on various fields and job opportunities.

  • CICADA 3301: REINVENTED May 28

    A 36-hours long virtual hackathon featuring various pre-hackathon and hackathon sessions by prominent speakers, as well as a virtual panel discussion with experts from various fields.

  • MTT-S session May 23

    Session on role of asteroid mining and In-Space Manufacturing (ism) in space exploration and colonization.

  • Start Up In Electronics: Opportunities And Implementation May 22

    A session on how to launch startups in the electronics field, as well as an analysis of the implementation process and its future potential.

  • Webinar And Group Discussion On Cloud Computing And Cloud Security Feb 8

    An introductory webinar on cloud computing and its importance in today's world followed by a group discussion on various topics connected to cloud computing.

Timeline 2020

  • Winter School 5-13 December
    A Seminar on 5G Technology, which will revolutionize the world around us.
  • Diwali Meet 14 November
    Annual Meet of IEEE SB DAIICT. New core was announced and duties were handed over.
  • SIGHT October-December
    Visit to Punsari village and Blind People's Association to inspire ideas for projects related to humaniarian aid.
  • MTT-S Session 13 October
    Technical Talk on microwave remote sensing applications by Dr. Shiv Mohan and hands-on training session on CST Microwave Studio Software.
  • DevFest 13 October
    Organized in association with GDG Gandhinagar and MSTC. Talks were held on different Web and Mobile development tools and technologies.
  • Django Girls Workshop 13 October
    Organized in association with DSC, DAIICT. Mentors from different places taught a group of 5 paticipants each. This was followed by some technical talks.
  • Leadership Summit 12 October
    Networking with experts and hands-on workshop on Augmented Reality. Organised by WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB DAIICT.
  • i.Fest '19 11-13 October
    Annual Technical Festival of DAIICT organized by IEEE Student Branch DAIICT.
  • 3D Printing Workshop 1 October
    The workshop focused on working of a 3d printer followed by a live printing demonstration of a design.
  • Web Designing Workshop 21-22 September
    Mr. Jinal Shah, the speaker of the workshop focused on areas of frontend development using Angular JS and data management using Firestore APIs.
  • Alumni Talk 11 September
    Talks by many of the succesful DAIICT Alumni
  • Session by Endeavor 3 September
    Talk by Sazeal Shah on how to build your resume and the various fields one can pursue after B.Tech.
    Over 300 students were taught the basics of circuits and components needed to build a remote-controlled, working manual robot.
  • SIG Mobile Apps August-September
    Participants were taught the basics of Java, Android Studio and advanced topics like adapters, interfaces, database and networking of API Class.
  • Semester Long Project August-November
    8 Sessions which included discussion of ideas and implementation by the participants with final presentation in front of professors
  • SIG Embedded Sessions August-September
    Briefing and Acquanting Freshers on IOT and embedded hardware. Imparted knowledge on how to use microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • IAS Day 20 June
    A celebration for the commemoration of the IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Chapter of DAIICT.
  • Summer School 13-19 June
    Week long workshop on Android Development with specialization in Blockchain Technology, wherein experts from the industry mentored over 100 participants.
  • Synergy '19 Apr 6
    Organised by WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB DAIICT. A contest was held where the participants presented their hardware and software projects.
  • TECHNIGHTS March - April
    Tech Nights in the Girls Hostel at DAIICT. Encouraging female participation in fields of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Tachyon '19 29-31 Mar '19
    National conclave consisting of talks on blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, 5G, cloud computing and an industrial visit.