IEEE WIE, Affinity Group

WIE is largest international professional group dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientist. The idea is to provide the young women with a platform, encouragement and inspiration to come up with confidence and excellence in the technical career of Engineering.

WIE is an effort to motivate the women to be a part of science, Technology and Engineering by bringing all men and women with such ambitions to put a joint effort towards this.

SIG Embedded Programming

Special Interest Group ~ Embedded (hereafter SIG~Embedded) was established in Jan’ 2011 by IEEE Student Branch, DA-IICT. Embedded Systems are the true products and testaments of ICT for which our institute has been the pioneer.

Embedded System combines the nitty-gritty of hardware embedded with the functionalities of software which makes it most custom and customizable products. Embedded Systems have always captured the imaginations of students in DA-IICT.

SIG Mobile Applications

SIG Mobile Applications is a group of enthusiasts for developing mobile applications, especially Android apps. SIG Mobile conducts regular sessions every week where we try to cover the basics of Android app development.

Apart from that, talks by people working in industry, app competitions, and project mentoring and special talks on Android products are some of the other activities.

SIG Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence-SIG aims to build a community of Machine learning and AI enthusiasts who would engage in discussions and collaborative projects and at the same time, foster a healthy environment and support beginners.

MI-SIG plans to begin exciting group projects with a mentor assigned to each group. This will help the students get a hold of the subject matter by putting their theoretical knowledge into practical use.


To be a world leader in the advancement of technology and dissemination of technical information to support professionals engaged in the applications of electrical and electronic engineering to industry. By being a part of a society, we become connected to a smaller segment of people in the wide pool of members of IEEE.

It helps us in better interaction with people across the globe, with similar interests and gives us the opportunity to explore the advancements in industry and the applications of engineering knowledge in practical life.