Manual Robotics

Enjoyed playing remote-controlled cars in your childhood? Well, now is the time to build your own! Yeah, IEEE Student Branch of DA-IICT is here with its first Robotics workshop of the year. Manual Robotics, as the name says is a branch of Robotics where the bots require human intercession for its control. Manual Robot is a remote control robot which works & moves on the instruction of human with the help of a wired remote.
With the aim of teaching you to build a bot from its basic components and its working to an exhilarating race between the teams, we warmly invite you to the Manual Robotics Workshop. It will be an event full of learning, excitement, hands-on practising and fun!


9th September 2018

Rs. 250(for non-IEEE members)
Rs. 200(for IEEE members)

"TACHYON" - Boot Camp on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter is organising ' TACHYON ’, Boot Camp on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coupled with Web Crawling and Web Scraping on 15th-16th September 2018 . The tech bootcamp will be one of it's kind, happening for the first time in DA-IICT. It is a 2-day event with expert talks, hands-on sessions, networking opportunities, exciting games, and of course, loads of fun!

SEO is a practice of increasing the online visibility of websites by improving rankings in the search engine results. A highly sought-after skill in digital marketing for businesses in all industries, it is a necessary skill to be mastered so as to improve the quality of websites by making it user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

Having industry experts and academic professionals to conduct the bootcamp, it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about this wildly popular and interesting technology in the best way possible. IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter cordially invites you to join us in Tachyon scheduled at DA-IICT.

Mini Auditorium (CEP 102), DA-IICT

15-16 September 2018
10 A.M. to 5 P.M, on both days

Rs. 350(for IEEE members)
Rs. 500(for Non-IEEE members)

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Workshop

IEEE Student Branch of DA-IICT is here with an interesting workshop on ETHICAL HACKING and CYBER SECURITY by TECHDEFENCE. The workshop features a brief introduction to the world of hacking starting with the importance of ethical hackers and their need in today's world scenario, including to the basics of networking that will help you have a deeper understanding of the working of internet and will help you to become a WHITE HAT HACKER.
The speaker of the workshop is going to be an expertise in ethical hacking and Indian Entrepreneur Mr. Sunny Vaghela.

Further, certificates of certified Ethical hacking Expert will be provided from Techdefence and DA-IICT. TechDefence will also give a HackTrack Portal ( Access to each participant of different events which is going to be a gateway to many opportunities into IT security field for information security aspirants.

Techdefence will be providing a Free Internship to the topper of the workshop at any of their Centre’s for an entire Certified Cyber Security Expert course of 80 hours’ worth Rs.15000 and a lot more.


29th and 30th September 2018

Rs. 500 (for DA-IICT students)
Rs. 600 (for non-DA-IICT students)

To Be Announced